Penn back on his perch

June 20, 2007 at 11:43 pm (Philly, Sports)

Beginning in 1901, a large bronze satue of William Penn was the pinnacle of the Philadelphia skyline, 548 feet above street level. This was the tallest building in the city until 1987, when One Liberty Place, at 945 feet, broke a “gentlemen’s agreement” and cast a huge shadow on the Father of the Commomwealth. (for scale, Portlanders, the Wells Fargo building is 546 feet, Big Pink is 536 feet)

So ensued the Curse of Billy Penn, which legend has it will prevent all Philadelphia sports teams from winning a championship as long as this injustice remains. The last time a major team won a title in Philly was Dr. J’s 76ers in 1983.

On Monday, June 17, 2007, the Comcast Center surpassed Liberty 1 at 975 feet. As a lifelong hostage of Philly sports fandom, I was absolutely giddy to learn that during Monday’s topping off ceremony, a small statue of Mr. Penn was placed atop Comcast Center, with the explicit purpose of ending the curse. Watch the video, the last 15 seconds are worth the boring prelude.

This kind of rabid civic pride exemplifies why I miss that place. My prediction: Donovan McNabb comes back with a motherfucking vengeance, and the Iggles kill that demon once and for all!

Wikipedia makes blogging far too easy.

P.S. Happy West Virginia Day.  The only state to secede from the Confederacy.


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Quote of the day

January 17, 2006 at 3:38 am (Philly, Sports)

Next week will be the first time in five years that the conference championship round will be Eagles- and Patriots-free. Which is a shame, really. I never felt that we got to hear enough about those two teams. They kind of flew under the radar a bit on us, didn’t they? But as disastrous as Philadelphia’s season was this year, it must be nice for the Eagles to experience the month of January without being weighed down with an overwhelming sense of impending doom.



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Philly trivia

October 2, 2005 at 7:40 am (Philly)

If anyone can guess where and when this is, you win.

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Roe v. Paid

September 22, 2005 at 5:03 pm (Philly)

Don’t want to get into a pro/anti abortion debate here, but I think this is pretty funny.

Starting Oct. 1, PPSP will begin a new fundraising program, called “Pledge-a-Picket,” in which donors promise to give a certain amount of money for every protester who visits their Locust Street headquarters. If a donor pledges $1 per protester (the minimum is 10 cents), and 100 protesters show up, the donor gives $100. The agency plans to set up a counter at the front entrance, so that protesters can see how much money their nemesis has made off of them.

Had you walked by the Planned Parenthood clinic this past Saturday morning, you would have seen a throng of about 100 people standing in front of a tree-lined alcove, heads bowed toward the brick building as if in supplication to it. Quietly, they recite the rosary over and over, without pause or variation. They say it hundreds of times, their collective voice filling the air like a cricket song.

Jones, you gotta go check that out sometime. Take a few pictures.

(One protester) says she believes that if she and her brethren pray long and hard enough, the abortion clinic will go away. And this may be the real reason that Pledge-a-Picket will have little effect: As far as the protesters are concerned, Planned Parenthood can make all the money it wants. They trade in the currency of prayer.

Because, you know, The Lord is a micromanager. He cares about the everyday fates of all of His children, which is why good always triumphs over evil.

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September 22, 2005 at 2:35 am (Philly)

RIP, Bobby Koch. West Philly will never be the same.

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For sale…Eagles jersey

August 16, 2005 at 4:49 am (Philly, Sports)

After purchasing a Terrell Owens # 81 Eagles Jersey last year for $49.99, it has decided that it was way undervalued last year and if I want to wear it this year, I need to fork over another $150. To some this might seem like a reasonable request considering that I wore it all season and watched my beloved Eagles go to the Super Bowl for the first time in 20+ years. However, I also have a McNabb jersey, a Dawkins jersey and my eight month old son has a McNabb jersey as well. So you can see my predicament. If I give into the TO jersey and pay the extra $150, then the McNabb jersey will tell me that he has been to 5 straight pro bowls and has led the team to four straight NFC Title games and the Super Bowl and that he is arguably the best QB ever to dawn the midnight green. Additionally, the Dawkins jersey will tell me that he has a 10 year career with the Eagles and has anchored one of the top defenses in the league for a decade and that the reason the secondary always been so successful(see B. Taylor, T. Vincent, L. Sheppard, S. Brown, and M. Lewis) has been because of him. If that happens, I am not out the extra $150 for TO, $300 for mine and my son’s McNabb jersey, and $150 for my Dawkins jersey. That is a total of $600 and that completely blows my jersey cap money and will not allow me to get a Kearse or Westbrook jersey. Therefore, I am willing to trade/ sell the T.O. jersey.

The asking price for the Terrell Owens jersey to sell is $100. I know that it is not what it is looking for, however it is well worth it for you. Just think about the excitement you will have wearing the jersey while you rout for or against the Birds this year. If it has similiar numbers to last year, that is less than $10 a TD or 100 yards receiving, well worth the money. You could probably renegotiate a new long term deal with the jersey that will allow you to enjoy it for years to come.

The asking price in order to trade for the jersey is 5 bottles of Advil since I am sick and tired of hearing all of the complaining and whining. I would honestly prefer to trade the jersey than sell it as my head still hurts from hearing what happened yesterday.

I wish I had written that

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Some thoughts

April 25, 2005 at 8:17 pm (Philly, Rant)

I’ve been pontificating on my recent trip Back East, where I attended
probably the most extravagant middle class wedding/wedding party
ever. Haven’t yet made the A-list out here in Stumptown, but as
they say, “climb the ladder, Monty, climb the ladder.”

1. If that rat you call a child is capable of crying for 5 straight hours, don’t bring it on a plane. Period.

2. Don’t stow your breath mints. You never know when you or
the guy next to you will really, really need them.

3. Napoleon Dynamite is no longer the worst movie I have ever
seen. That honor now goes to Spanglish. I think the movie
companies pay the airlines to show the worst movies to an entirely
captive audience. I would have walked out, but I couldn’t find a

4. O’Hare airport is the worst place in the world. I would
rather have a layover at Baghdad International, if given a
choice. I have never had an experience at O’Hare that I wouldn’t
characterize as awful. But at least there were no handcuffs
involved this time.

5. My Ipod is not going to make the plane crash. I know you
have a Doctorate of Flight Attendance, but I don’t believe you.
Just in case you are right, though, I am never flying again.

6. Similarly, why do I have to sit upright and stow my tray table
in preparation for landing? If we crash, we’re both going to die,
period. The chances of the tray table being the deciding factor
are minimal.

7. Opening a bottle of Sauza at 3 AM is a universally bad idea.

8. Philadelphia really needs to do something about its garbage
problem. Sure, patina gives a city character, but not if
you have to wade through it.

9. Only in Philly will someone start a sentence with “My buddy is a pornographer…” and be completely serious.

10. After three days of binge drinking, a hearty breakfast of
eggs, cheese and sausage seems like a good idea. It’s not.
At all.

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Oozing confidence

April 4, 2005 at 8:19 pm (Philly, Quote of the day, Sports)

“I’m still picking us.”

Charlie Manuel, on the Phillies’ chances of bringing home the bacon in the NL East this year. Opening weekend and the manager hasn’t thrown in the towel yet? Go Phils!

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Man killed by train

April 1, 2005 at 6:45 pm (Philly)

Warren "Butch" Smith, 54, of Devon, was killed about 6 p.m. Wednesday when he was hit by a train while walking with a friend on railroad tracks near the Devon Station.


The last similar fatality occurred March 8 in Bridesburg, when a man was struck by an R7 train, (a SEPTA spokesman) said.

last similar fatality was three weeks ago? It seems that I read about
this stuff all the time. I used to attribute it to a combination of
crackheads on the tracks and an incompetent union labor force, but now
I am starting to suspect something more. I am accusing SEPTA (Slowing
Every Passenger's Trip, Always) of attempting to kill off its
ridership. You see, having the highest fares and slowest trains of any
major transit agency in the nation isn't enough to deter people from
riding. Despite TWU local 234 and management's sincere attempts to
alienate every customer, ridership has actually increased in the last
several years. Well, if you can't beat 'em, destroy them. They should
change the agency's slogan from "we're getting there" to "we'll get
there eventually, and if you're lucky so will you."

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Just what the Senate needs…

March 13, 2005 at 8:57 pm (Philly, Politics)

…another pro-life Democrat.

Of course, if that means goodbye Rick Santorum, who doesn't even live in Pennsylvania, I'll take it.


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