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December 13, 2007 at 10:18 pm (Money)

I got my “kicker” the other day….58 bucks. The kicker, as it is unfortunately called, is a unique Oregon requirement that the government return the difference to taxpayers, when tax revenues exceed projections by over 2%. It is actually a pretty reasonable thing for government to have to do, especially when you ignore the fact that it cost the state 23 million dollars to print and mail the checks. It is a Republican’s nocturnal emission so I hate loving it, but 58 bucks is a lot of money to me. I can’t wait until December 27: while sitting on my parent’s couch, my pay rate will go up by 60 percent. Yeah. My friend got almost 500…guess that’s what I get for being an underemployed grad student in 2006.

I also got a notice recently of some class action settlement involving overcharging for international credit card/ATM transactions. I spent approximately 130 days abroad since 1996, when Visa et al began scamming their customers (oh wait, they admitted no wrongdoing. They just set aside a few billion “to avoid the expense of a lawsuit.”). The guidelines give you a few options: itemize every transaction and get an audited refund, go for the $25 “quick return” (recommended if you spent less than a week overseas), or the middle option: estimate time and purpose of your trips and get an refund based on some algorithm of normal expenditures, which is in turn based on some State Department computer model. I am opting for this method.

The problem is the estimation parameters are way too vague. They give you 4 options: you spent time overseas for: leisure, business, visiting relatives, other. You did this: frequently, sometimes, occasionally, rarely. Well, I went to Costa Rica for 10 days, which was clearly leisure, but the balance was when I lived in Australia. Is that “other?” I have no idea which category that fits into. But since I don’t feel that I am actually entitled to one penny from this class action, I am going to roll the dice and seen how much I can milk it. Does anyone have any advice?



  1. corthar said,

    When will you get into town?

    I look forward to hanging out and dreaming about the someday opening of the D.

  2. JB said,

    The 22nd. I am going to go on the bridge, even if it is not open yet. I will need you to post bail for me.

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