It’s official

November 1, 2007 at 10:42 pm (Music, Portland)

Portland has finally been completely overtaken by hipsters.  Open mic bluegrass night at the Alberta Street Pub, my bar, is over, and has been replaced by traveling shitheads from Witchita and Minnesota who frequently employ accordians and clarinets.  God help me.

I realize this probably isn’t the best way to break a nearly 2 month blog silence.  I just can’t believe my only mid week solace has been co-opted by a bunch of 23 year old Radiohead wannabes.



  1. LogJammin said,

    The ASP was overrun by hipsters a long time ago…I believe around the time of belly dancers with big ol’ schnozes. Don’t forget which one caught your eye…the one who could smell you staring at her from the other room.

  2. pdxsocialbutterfly said,

    At least you got the crowd. When I owned my little place downtown, the hipsters looked at me like I had the plague. Not very helpful when they are the ones running the trendy newspapers with the food reviews in this town. Mech!!!

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