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September 4, 2007 at 10:05 pm (Planning, Politics)

The O calls for Vancouver to be brought into Metro’s jurisdiction.

Enough already with playing coy; it’s time for a stable relationship. After all, marriage would simply recognize a pre-existing condition. We’ve been living together for years.

Personally, I think this is a great f*cking idea. Too bad it will never, ever happen. Go ahead, call me a cynic.

UPDATE: Links to the article you are citing are always good.



  1. neckfro said,

    Great idea. Never gonna happen. Unless of course congress wants to authorize the blurring of state boundaries. Yeah. That’s gonna happen.

  2. neckfro said,

    UPDATE: I sound like a jackass when I point out something that was actually in the article I didn’t read. Brilliant.

  3. JB said,

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. My synposis was just that good.

  4. rcr said,

    Maybe it’s because I don’t speak Portlandese, but that article made no sense to me.

  5. JB said,

    You see Metro is the name of a regional government agency that has control over transportation and land use planning in 25 Oregon cities (Portland et al.) From a functional standpoint that should be coordinated with “the Belpre of Portland:” Vancouver, WA. But since it’s in another state, it will never happen. I just blew your libertarian mind.

  6. rcr said,

    I didn’t know there was a vancouver washington. I presumed they were talking about Vancouver BC. Which is why it may absolutely no sense.

  7. rcr said,

    Also, our Metro (WMATA) covers two states and the District. Granted it has no dedicated source of funding, which is a problem, but interstate transit agencies aren’t unheard of.

  8. JB said,

    Despite the name, it’s not a transit agency. It is a regional government with an elected council that sets policy regarding land use and transportation planning. Cities within its jurisdiction must comply with regional policies. It is the only such agency in the country. They dole out federal money for transportation infrastructure projects but don’t operate the transit system.

    I probably should have explained that a little better.

    “I didn’t know there was a vancouver washington.”

    Good. That’s one fact you should probably forget.

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