August 15, 2007 at 9:34 pm (Best of)

I just spent a little while de-spamming my comments. WordPress has a filter called “Akimset Spam” which is the industry standard, and works really well. I have it set so that anyone who posts a link in a comment needs approval, and anyone who posts more than one link is probably a spammer and gets flagged as such. But I was surprised at how many get through. Mainly people with horrible grammar, saying things like “very good site! Please to view my homepage?” But they don’t provide a link. Kind of defeats the purpose.

I had some fun reading through my archives, reminiscing to the time when I actually put some thought into my blog, before it became a mindless brain-dump to satisfy my perpetual boredom now that I am no longer in school. We had some good discussions on here back in the day. Here are some of my favorite posts. Read, ponder, add, laugh at yourself. Enjoy.

Stop killing kids who kill kids


Circular logic

Us and Them

Benjamin Franklin part 1

Benjamin Franklin part 2

UPDATE: I unfortunately can’t vouch for many of the links; they have expired.  And Jones, I miss you man.



  1. corthar said,

    that first post was from only 2005 and I don’t even recognize the voice I employed then in the comments field.

    I suppose I used to be a feisty, opinionated and inappropriately humored person. God damn, I miss her.

    My corporate drone alternapersonality is confused…

  2. JB said,

    I know I was really disappointed when you sold out to the man.

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