August 9, 2007 at 9:36 pm (Money, Portland)

I’ve been doing some farting around on the Tubes of the Global Interweb, and I found out a few things about how we here in Portland pay our loyal civil servants (pdf). If you are the director of the Water Bureau, Transportation Office, Planning Bureau, Environmental Services Bureau, Police Chief, or City Attorney, you can make as much as $172,286 per year. That’s a lot more than any elected official (Mayor: $113,818, Commissioner: $95,867). Not too bad, except for perhaps the City Attorney, who I think is getting screwed. Of course PDC, in a characteristic thumbing-of-the-nose to the citizenry, doesn’t publish their compensation plan. I bet old Brucey-Bruce makes over 200 large. Anyone know?

UPDATE: Thanks to this crazy invention known as The Google, I found out that I was wrong.  He was #1 of all city employees, at a mere $160,517.  Now I feel really bad for the City Attorney, who wasn’t even in the top 5.

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