August 7, 2007 at 9:49 pm (Movies)

If you like scary movies, I highly recommend this one. The other day, while nursing a wicked hangover, old LogJammin’ called me up and suggested hitting up the Kennedy School for some 3 dollar Sunday fun. I thought what the hell, I’ll get baked and see some stupid zombie movie (my concept of scary movies is limited to Shawn of the Dead). How scary can John Cusack be, really? I mentioned it to a friend yesterday and she asked me if it was a romantic comedy. Heh.

I yelped several times and almost jumped out of my chair once. I was sweating profusely at one point. It’s not gory, “torture porn” it has been called, but man, talk about edge of your seat. There’s a lightbulb out in the basement and I’m afraid to go get my laundry now that it’s dark out. I still get goosebumps when I think of the scene in the restaurant (no spoilers…). I am thinking of sleeping with the lights on tonight. I am 29 years old.



  1. LogJammin said,

    that wasn’t my hand you grabbed during the restaurant scene.

    as with most steven king book-to-movie adaptations, the premise started out great, but i feel like the movie failed to grasp the absolute terror that was probably conveyed in the short story (i haven’t read it). i think the only decent steven king adaptations are 1) stand be me, 2) shawshank redemption, and 3) the shining. only one of those is a horror movie… unless you find prison sex to be terrifying.

    ps. the shining is still the greatest horror/suspense movie ever made….ever.

  2. JB said,

    Did you ever see the made for TV movie of The Stand? It was horrible.

  3. LogJammin said,

    diddo for “it”…

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