Holy crap

July 4, 2007 at 12:30 am (Politics)

Did anyone see the Magna Carta Part 2? I’ll admit that I don’t quite understand how Tony Blair got to hand pick his successor and still call their system a democracy, but if the PM has that kind of unilateral authority, Gordon Brown just gave the farm away:

In his first address to the House of Commons as prime minister, Mr Brown said he would “surrender or limit” powers in 12 areas, including royal prerogatives such as declaring war without parliamentary approval.

Mr Brown also said the prime minister should lose the right to choose Church of England bishops.

He added that MPs would hold US-style confirmation hearings for appointees to important public posts – such as the chief inspector of prisons and the local government ombudsman – and to ratify international treaties.

He also suggested the possibility of lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 and changing the laws restricting the right to demonstrate in Parliament Square.

Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell said reform was “long overdue” and called for a full “constitutional convention” to discuss changes.

I’m no constitutional scholar, but it seems that the coalition of the willing just became the coalition of the 28 percenters.


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  1. TSS said,

    The parliamentary system works by whichever party has control of parliament. The Labor Party is in control in the UK, so whoever is their leader becomes PM. Tony Blair stepped down, so the next in line gets the spot. You vote for parties, not people, in this system. So next go around Labor may lose and then Brown will be ousted.

    It seems to me that most democracies are modeled this way. The US is the exception. Canada, Australia, Britain (Europe basically), Iraq, and Afghanistan are all parliamentary democracies.

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