28 percenters

July 4, 2007 at 9:45 am (Politics, Republican incompetence)

It occurred to me that I should define that term, since I used it in my last post. Basically, it refers to the roughly quarter of the population that still thinks Bush is a good president. I believe Dave Barry once quipped that a major party could nominate a cabbage and still get 25% of the vote. Well ladies and gentlemen, we’re now in cabbage territory. Let’s take a look at some similar statistics:

  • 33% believe a wife should “submit herself graciously” to a husband
  • 30% say the Bible is the “actual word of God” to be taken literally
  • 29% think people will be “more likely” to afford college for their kids in 2020
  • 28% disapprove of labor unions on principle
  • 28% say the government should have the right to control news reports
  • 27% believe divorce is “morally wrong”
  • 26% thought various disasters in 1999 might “foreshadow the wrath of God”
  • 26% think grade-school teachers should be allowed to spank their kids
  • 24% describe themselves as interested in what celebrities think
  • 21% say justice was served in the O.J. Simpson case
  • 20% approve of the how the Catholic Church handles pedophilia
  • 20% believe that the killing of civilians in Vietnam was “relatively rare”

Yeah, that sounds about right. The question is, will Bush end his term above OJ?


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