Penn back on his perch

June 20, 2007 at 11:43 pm (Philly, Sports)

Beginning in 1901, a large bronze satue of William Penn was the pinnacle of the Philadelphia skyline, 548 feet above street level. This was the tallest building in the city until 1987, when One Liberty Place, at 945 feet, broke a “gentlemen’s agreement” and cast a huge shadow on the Father of the Commomwealth. (for scale, Portlanders, the Wells Fargo building is 546 feet, Big Pink is 536 feet)

So ensued the Curse of Billy Penn, which legend has it will prevent all Philadelphia sports teams from winning a championship as long as this injustice remains. The last time a major team won a title in Philly was Dr. J’s 76ers in 1983.

On Monday, June 17, 2007, the Comcast Center surpassed Liberty 1 at 975 feet. As a lifelong hostage of Philly sports fandom, I was absolutely giddy to learn that during Monday’s topping off ceremony, a small statue of Mr. Penn was placed atop Comcast Center, with the explicit purpose of ending the curse. Watch the video, the last 15 seconds are worth the boring prelude.

This kind of rabid civic pride exemplifies why I miss that place. My prediction: Donovan McNabb comes back with a motherfucking vengeance, and the Iggles kill that demon once and for all!

Wikipedia makes blogging far too easy.

P.S. Happy West Virginia Day.  The only state to secede from the Confederacy.


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June 14, 2007 at 11:52 pm (Rant)

Don’t read this post if you are under 18.

Many of you have seen my driver’s license. Chances are, when you saw it, you said “damn bubba, where did you do hard time?” Yes, I look like a fucking thug in my license picture, which is one reason why I like it so goddamn much.

Tonight it was Thirsty Thursday at the Beavers game. I went with my company softball team, expecting some good old fashioned team bonding. At one point I went to buy some beers, and I got fully denied. She didn’t believe it was me. I busted out 2 credit cards, my student ID, and my goddamn Bally’s membership card, and she still wouldn’t sell to me. I said “bitch, what do you thing this is, some huge conspiracy to get a fucking 2 dollar Miller Lite?” slightly more politely than that. I had to wait in line at the next fucking booth to get some goddamn beers. I should have asked the stupid Mexican cunt for her goddamn green card, but I really just wanted to get another beer. That has never happened, but I have come close many times. I am 29 years old.

Dinner tonight consisted of a cold, colgealed peperroni pizza. It was fucking nasty. I would have supplemented it with some jalepenyo nachos, but the bitch wouldn’t sell me them to me.

I met a girl, we went to see some music afterwards, her name was Christina, I got her number, she might have been cute, but I was drunk. I might call her.

Music on my I-Tunes right now: Eazy-E.

The Bob O’Brien Band is worth checking out, if you are into gay soft-emo Dave Matthews type shit.

So ends another Thirsty Thursday. I’m going to be late for work tomorrow.

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The North American Organic Beer Fest

June 9, 2007 at 3:08 pm (Beer, Portland)

Sweet mercy, I love this city.

If you ever go to one of these beer fests, chances are you will have to buy tickets, and 1 ticket gets you a taste, 4 will get you a fill (a 10 ounce cup you paid 5 bucks for).  I discovered yesterday that the taste is the only way to go.  Some people are a little more generous than they should be.  I probably tried 15 different beers in under 3 hours.

But I am paying for it…this blog post is the most productive thing I have done all day.

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Painters Beware

June 9, 2007 at 3:02 pm (Justice, Random)

So some guy who stalked David Letterman escaped from prison.  La dee freaking da, right?  He’ll get caught and I’m sure Letterman and his son have bodyguards.  But what caught my eye in this article was why the guy was in jail in the first place:

Frank was arrested in March 2005 on allegations that he had devised a plan to kidnap Letterman’s son, lied to investigators and overcharged Letterman for painting work at his ranch.

Prosecutors later dropped a charge of solicitation to kidnap, in exchange for guilty pleas on three other charges, including felony theft and misdemeanor obstruction.

Frank was sentenced to 10 years in prison for overcharging the talk show host.

Can that possibly be right?  Ten years for overcharging on a paint job?  By those standards Paris Hilton should get the chair.

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Complaint Line

June 4, 2007 at 9:43 pm (Uncategorized)

I actually got a complaint from a reader the other day: “dude, you’ve been way too cryptic on there lately.”  And you know what, he was right.  I honestly didn’t even remember the last post I made, I was pretty wasted at the time and was trying to wax all philosophigical on you.  The thing is, I think about blogging stuff all the time, I just never get around to actually doing it.  But now that I have a real job I can justify paying for access to the global interweb again, so I plan on paying more attention to my online playground soon.  Stay tuned.

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