Bad Things Happen in Threes

May 1, 2007 at 10:43 pm (Personal)

…or so They say.  About 2 years ago, three really bad things happened to me, right in a row.  My girlfriend broke up with me (a blessing in disguise), an old friend and good friend’s sister died (no silver lining in that one…in fact it is still resonating), and, well, I don’t exactly know what the third thing was but I’m sure it sucked.

If the converse is true, I can’t wait until tomorrow.  I had my late work night tonight.  Afterwards the girl I wrote about the other day and I went out for dinner, and as usual we had a great time, talked, laughed, etc.  And now we are “going to go see some music” sometime.  It went pretty much exactly as I had envisioned.  That breeze you felt was me exhaling.  To top it all off, she plays the tablas.

When I got home there was a message on my machine informing me that I got a second interview for this job I really want.  They whittled it down from 108 to 7 people, for 2 positions.  So now I have 10 days to bask in the glory of potential full time employment, although I’m sure I’ll stress out like a mofo starting about noon next Tuesday.

I attribute this to my only superstition: only picking up pennies that are heads up.  I was walking home from work yesterday, and I saw a penny lying on the sidewalk tails up.  I paused and almost snatched it, until I remembered the adage that you will have good luck all day only if it is heads up, so I left it there.  I’m not that poor.  It kind of reminds me of this other time I had a really good day.

Now, it’s time to drink some beer and watch South Park reruns.  I really hope that’s not the third thing.



  1. neckfro said,

    Tomorrow I will finish my last exam. We will have long distance beers together. I’ll be back in PDX w/in a couple of weeks. Start work 5/21. Then we will have short distance beers together. That’s the third thing, because you miss me so much.

  2. JB said,

    That is good news. But this morning, my beans were sprouting (in may garden). I think that’s got you beat.

  3. LogJammin said,

    That reminds me of my superstition: only pick up one-hundred dollar bills if they are heads or tails up. It hasn’t failed me yet…

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