Property wrongs

February 13, 2007 at 4:59 am (Planning, Politics)

Washingtonians should thank the Freaking Lord that Initiative 933 failed.  I wonder how many voters would have chosen to take an ideological anti-government stand if they knew it would have meant unrestricted open-pit gravel mines?

Three Measure 37 claims nearly surround Warrick’s 56-acre vineyard. The first, a 160-acre housing development, is adjacent to his property; the second, for another housing development on less than 50 acres, is directly across the road. The third claim, about three miles away, proposes a 20-acre mine for aggregate rock on the banks of the Applegate River.

Homeowner complaints could potentially shut down the winery, Warrick says. And the mine, he fears, could create traffic issues on the small, winding two-lane road that accesses the Wooldridge Winery.

As the law stands now, there is little Oregon farmers can do to protect their businesses from Measure 37 claims.

“Where do we go for compensation?” he asks.

Nowhere.  That was never the intention.  The whole charade about “property rights” was a blatant power grab by big development interests, pure and simple.  This kind of stuff makes me angry beyond words.



  1. TSS said,

    If I could rescind a vote, it would be this one. That’s why you should never vote uninformed, kids.

  2. JB said,

    That’s what pisses me off so much. You are an intelligent, informed person…what of the average schmuck who thinks he is doing someone a favor? (yes, I am a liberal elitist prick) The ballot title here in Oregon read:

    “GOVERNMENTS MUST PAY owners, or forego enforcement, when certain land use restrictions reduce propety value.” (emphasis mine) That’s what people saw on the ballot. Delve a little deeper into the actual text of the measure, and you see:

    “The following provisions are added to and made a part of ORS chapter 197:”

    Sections 1 through 13, and various subsections follow. How many people have any freaking idea what ORS chapter 197 says?? Or what ORS even stands for? Did the barista at Starbucks read the legislation, or did he see “Governments must pay” and think “hey, government sucks, hell yes they should pay!”

    This is the problem with the initiative process, and why it needs to be severely reformed or eliminated outright. Too much democracy is bad for democracy.

    Ok, I’m done ranting about this now.

  3. DLE said,

    The grape growers in Oregon are whining that they won’t be able to expand if they don’t have cheap land to buy. They tell us how much they contribute to the economy of Oregon. What about what they cost the State. They are growing grapes, not as a food source, but to create alcohol. Alcohol can be considered a factor in the costs of car accidents, medical treatment, justice system, child welfare system, etc. Our taxes pay to clean up all of the messes that alcohol abuse creates. Do we really need more vineyards to contribute to our economy?

  4. JB said,

    The issue here isn’t grape growers per se, but rather the emerging trend of self-interested developers encoraching on valuable farmland brought about by M37. You can’t discount the contribution of agriculture to the state’s economy, culture, and heritage. That is what is threatened.

  5. JB said,

    And Oregon wines tend to be high quality and expensive, which generates a nice tax source, in addition to tourism dollars. If you are truly worried about people getting loaded, beating their wives and holding up a liquor store, I would go after Miller and Anheuser Busch, not some guy with a few barrels of Pinot Noir in his basement.

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