Portland’s Little Vancouver

October 12, 2006 at 7:10 am (Portland)

In case you haven’t checked recently, the South Waterfront is looking…wait for it…tramtastic! I can’t believe people actually live there, but they do (click to enlarge):


That park I was so worried about? It’s open for business. Nothing to write home about (or blog about, I suppose), but here it is. I played frisbee there a few weeks ago:


My favorite new addition is the new surface parking lot! Yes ladies and gentlemen, New Urbanism has taken a bold step forward with the completion of this impervious asphalt surface. The gf thinks it must be for the workers, which makes sense, but it seems like a lot of effort. Why not just have a gravel lot? Why is it below grade? I can’t reconcile that. But here’s to hoping that this new feature will be temporary:


On October 20, the famed Portland Streetcar will open its newest segment to SW Moody Ave. Here is a photo I took of a recent test run on what is now the largest swath of uninterrupted Streetcar track in the whole city. I Could be wrong, but it appeared that on this run it was approaching its theoretical top speed of 17 mph:

Here is a shot of some guy standing on top of the tram tower. It’s nice to know that someone will be there to rescue Tom Potter, Sam Adams, and Earl Blumenauer when the thing breaks down on it’s inaugural run in December:


This one is a shot of the landing up on the hill.  I think it is going to be horrendous:



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