Pearl District Update

October 12, 2006 at 2:43 am (Portland)

Portland’s award-winning, patina-less urban renewal experiment is chugging right along. At the corner of 10th and Overton is a drawing of what the place will look like at full build-out. I haven’t ever seen anything this detailed before–it’s definitely worth having a look if you happen to be there. Of course no one in the city seems to like hanging out at Tanner Springs Park as much as I do (neither does this guy, although some people agree with me), so I’ll assume that you won’t ever happen to be there. So here’s a picture (click to enlarge):

Count them–there are only 7 buildings in this picture that aren’t either finished or under construction. Crazy huh? I would like to see one of the new buildings be something than the old R2C2 (Richie-rich Condo Complex), but that is unlikely. Although a few do face the Union Pacific mainline, so who knows, maybe they will think of a better use, like, I don’t know, a railyard?

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