Random Musings

October 9, 2006 at 8:06 pm (Random)

Here is a funny video by the Committee To Save Big Ugly Things (Real Media file). I don’t live in Seattle, but I support this proposal if for no other reason than it is implied that this monstrosity will be next.

Americans are really stupid. As if you needed a sarcastic Australian newscaster to tell you that.

The Constitution Party isn’t effing around anymore. They won’t stop until “the dark heart of a man who has sold out to the enemies of life” is out of office. The same enemy of life who voted against the Iraq war. You see, “the Constitution has no provision for making the federal government an effective partner in creating any kind of community” (emphasis theirs). The implication is, if not for the meddling feds, Portland would be the Christian Theocracy that its residents desire. You can make these kinds of statements when you are running against arguably the safest incumbent in Congress, I guess, because you know that no one is listening to you.

Here is a list of the 50 most vulnerable House seats.  43 are Republican incumbents.


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