Penury: it’s not just for the unemployable anymore

September 27, 2006 at 5:44 am (Rant)

I’m unemployed.  And poor.  It sucks.  I calculated it the other week, and if I don’t count rent/utilities, tuition and books, I can spend approximately $61 a week between now and December 20,barring any additional income sources.  Of course the gf and I went to Astoria this weekend, and I spent 81 bucks on the room…and now I’m afraid to redo the math.

I’ll be a Master in December, and I am trying to recollect why I deliberately did not graduate in June.  I am three hours away from my degree, and at some point I thought it would be a great idea to prolong the suffering for one more quarter.  So here I am , it’s 10 o’clock, I just got home from class with a bunch of doe-eyed first years.  I was the grizzled, sweaty old bastard in the back corner of the room who kept staring at the clock.

I am now applying for jobs, three so far and another tomorrow, two of which are temporary/part time, two of which are career-types.  I’d be happy with any of them.  The problem is, I am barely qualified to be a project manager with the city development agency (or, there have to be people way more qualified than me, if not then we’re in serious trouble), and I am way overqualified for an internship that requires 2 years of college and 6 months of office experience.  It’s a sort of academic/professional purgatory.  I even looked into pouring suds at a local dive, but the local hipsters were all over that one like a fly on shit.

At least the weather is nice.  I have been riding my bike around town like Lance freaking Armstrong, just to kill time.  But I am afraid to wear my tires down too much because purchasing gasoline is becoming a luxury.  I might consider befriending the 8 year old down the street who is obsessed with my cat.  He’s either home schooled or an early dropout, because he is always around, knocking on my door.  Maybe in a few weeks I can earn some cheese raking leaves.


  1. KB said,

    Which class was that? I got a preview of the new first years at the alumni panel Friday morning. Is that what we looked like 2 years ago?

  2. corthar said,

    funny- rhi was just studying Astoria in Social Studies. no lie.

  3. JB said,

    KB: Environmental Planning Methods. And I’d like to think we were more attractive than this year’s crop, but I think every year says that.

    Corthar: that’s where they filmed Goonies. And Kindergarten Cop. And they have the longest bridge I have ever been on…almost 4 miles.

  4. corthar said,

    I love Goonies. Did you visit the filming location?

    Astoria was part of Chapter One in her S.S. book- they used it as framework in discussing the concept of “communities”.

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