More good fortune (for me)

July 26, 2006 at 10:57 pm (Environment, Random)

One of the major objectives of my summer project is to figure out what to do with an abandoned amusement park and an abandoned trailer park. The Forest Service acquired these properties piecemeal 10-25 years ago, with a mandate from Congress to restore the natural ecology, and has done absolutely nothing with them. I could go on about that for a while, but I’ll just say the areas are a mess.

I have become fascinated with the idea of completely artificial landscapes being abandoned, and seeing how nature reclaims the area. The trailer park, for example, has an artificial lake, held up by a dike/tidegate system, which is in the midst of a catastrophic failure. The Lake has flooded the surrounding lowlands, and as a result the wildlife includes an odd mix of anaerobic muck, dragonflies, birds, emergent freshwater wetland species (this is in the middle of an estuary), invasive plants, and dead trees that have been flooded out in the past year or so. It is eerily beautiful.
Yesterday, The Schriz and I took some kayaks out on the lake to get some depth measurements. If you remove the dikes, how long will it take for the stream to find it’s old channel? was the question we were asking. Probably not too long, we determined, since the lake isn’t very deep. And all the falling trees would provide great salmon spawning grounds.

I took the kayaks back in the evening, only to later learn that we get to keep them until we’re done (2.5 weeks). In fact, the truck they were in can’t park where we got it, due to space limitations. So I have to go get them and bring them back to the house. Now I have a F-250 and two free kayaks at my disposal for the rest of my little “vacation.”

In other news, the local blackberry population has begun referring to me as the “Butcher of Otis.” I never knew it could be so much fun to hack things up with a machete and devour the remains. Of course, as an eradication method, that is about as effective as draining the ocean with a tablespoon.



  1. Big Sexy said,

    I can’t believe you even have to question what to do with an abandoned amusement park…..2 words: RAVE PARTY

  2. pedro said,

    can we get some pictures. and oh, let me know when the abandoned amusement park rave happens.

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