Jaw-dropper of the week

July 25, 2006 at 6:32 am (Uncategorized)

About 2 weeks ago I got a flat tire.  I put on my spare but the flat has been sitting in the back of my car until today, when I finally decided to see about getting it fixed.  I pimped it on down to Stinkin’ Lincoln City, where I knew there was a Les Schwab Tire store.  (brace yourself for an uncharastically shameless endorsement).

I asked them to see if they could fix it, and then rotate my tires.  I had never been there before and expected to blow anywhere from 25-50 bucks, which in my mind would have been reasonable (Money, you may recall, can be exchanged for goods and services.)  I sat there for an hour and 15 minutes, when the dude walks out and tells me he’s done.

Him: “You’re all set.  Just so you know, that right rear is looking pretty bad.”

Me, bracing for inevitable sales pitch: “Yeah, they’re all going to need replaced before too long.” (this is true)
Him: “Alright, well have a good day.”

Me: [Pause] “I haven’t paid yet.”

Him: “Oh, there’s no charge.”

Me: [Long pause] “Are you serious?”

Him: “Yep.  Have a good one.”

Well, I am having a good one.  I just can’t believe they didn’t charge me anything.  That really made my day.  It cancelled out the combined joy of 5 hours of sleep and interacting with my hippie roomate who I think is coming down off a mescaline trip she started last Thursday.  They didn’t just check my oil and air pressure, they jacked the thing up and took all my tires off and injected some gunk that fixes pinhole leaks.  Contrast that with Jiffy Lube, who wanted to charge me 25 bucks for a rotation, on top of the 40 I coughed up for the so-called “Signature Service.”  So here’s to old Les–I’ll definitely be back for the ground beef special.



  1. KB said,

    Yeah, dude. Schwab fixes flats for free. Welcome to Oregon. Bonus on the free rotation though. Now quit going to Jiffy Lube for cryin’ out loud. Idiots.

  2. neckfro said,

    Les Schwab rocks.

  3. LogJammin said,

    i’m still a big Oil Can Henry’s fan. nothing like a bunch of dressed-up dufuses offering to change your blinker fluid for the low, low price of $49.95. plus, they give you a free USA Today…Free!!!! it’s america’s newspaper, that’s why it’s called USA today. fuck free beef, i want my free coloring-book for adults!

  4. TSS said,

    1) Explain how!

    2) Discount Tire, all over the midwest, also performs these services for free. They even replaced at no cost a blown tire my ex-roommate bought, because it was only a couple months old.

    3) Just make sure Paul Reubens isn’t your server.

  5. JB said,

    KB: This from a cross-country migrant who doesn’t own a car.

    LJ: Henry’s is worth it for the bibs and the Casey Jones hat.

    TSS: Explain what?

  6. TSS said,

    How money can be exchanged for goods and services. Geez, you’d a thought you’d found $20 instead of a peanut.

  7. daveyjones said,

    funny, bill and i got the EXACT same treatment at a Schwab in aberdeen washington last year. gotta love the northwest yo.

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