Mean girls

July 21, 2006 at 3:54 pm (Politics, Portland)

I have been meaning to post something about this for a while, but words expressing my dusgust have eluded me.  But this letter pretty well sums up my feelings on county government here in Portland.

You had an opportunity to actually change the world. To change the way women are viewed as leaders. To change the way politics is done. To make a truly significant difference in the lives of everyday people.

But unfortunately, you have chosen a different path – a path of egotism, self-righteousness and downright petty high school-like girl-fighting. Does it make you proud? Sure, you’ve done some good work, but you will forever be labeled a “mean girl.” Wow, what a legacy.

Someone should have pointed out in the job description that this is a government, not a sorority.  Petty infighting cost Diane Linn her job, and the other ladies on the commission shouldn’t bother running for re-election.  It also cost taxpayers valuable government services and cost the government the respect of its enablers, because of cattyness and territorial pissings.  For this and other reasons, county governments should be eliminated, at least in urban areas, with jurisdictional boundaries redrawn on regional economic lines, rather than what some grizzled 1860s prospecter thought was a good idea.


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