July 8, 2006 at 8:44 pm (Uncategorized)

The girl who is coordinating this thing I am doing over the summer is great.  She’s nice, kind of cute, and very enthusiastic about the work she does.  But good lord is she a space cadet.  We’ve been here 3 weeks and are still trying to obtain copies of the software we will need to do basically everything we need to do.  The same software we discussed in detail during my interview in March.  Say what you will about being slaves to technology, it is a subservience I have embraced.  Some of us are seriously considering “obtaining” our own copies of these highly proprietary programs, although I should probably add some sort of disclaimer at this point about how the project sponsors don’t endorse pirating, etc., they just kind of tacitly require it.

Then there’s the internet thing.  I bought a digital camera about a month ago, and have taken hundreds of photos, several of which are worth looking at.  Most of you have yet to see my weather station.  But I don’t yet have reliable internet access to post big stuff like pictures.  My last soiree at the internet bar ended up in a hangover and less productive work session than I had anticipated, so that option is not the best one at this point.  Well, “we” ordered internet service for “our” house in March, but someone forgot the password she set up to actually get on line.  We called her and asked for all sorts of personal info, first pet, last 4 SSN digits, then called the ISP, but the informaiton was wrong.  Let me repeat that: she didn’t know her pet’s first name or SSN.  I suppose she could have just used her mother’s maiden name, but that would have been too easy.

Somehow that issue was resolved, but then we learned that the local phone company doesn’t support the type of service “we” ordered.  (ISDN?  It’s a kind of glorified dial-up)  You would think that kind of thing would have been verified in March, when technological and workspace arrangements were being made.  But that would have required those arrangements to actually have been made.

So here I am, sitting at an elementary school that was once a barn.  Don’t call, you’ll get a busy signal.  It would be great if I didn’t need to download 2 GB of crap from an ftp site.  I think I am going for a bike ride.


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  1. neckfro said,

    Stupid people are funny.

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