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July 5, 2006 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized)

“You know you’re in Oregon when you live in a National Forest and the closest place to get a beer is a McMenamins.” So that’s where I am, Lighthouse Square in Linclon City, sandwiched between a drive through donut shop and a Safeway, having me an IPA and accessing the internets. This is also the only place that doesn’t charge for non-dialup internet access. I’ll be a regular before the corn hits your shoulder.

In addition to the actual planning project I am engaged in this summer, the 5 of us have each taken on various administrative tasks. I have recently been elected Head Website Guy. It sucks. I have spent about 30 minutes on it so far, just figuring out the content manager and removing the ridiculous placeholders they provide when you register for a website from our website provider. Check back periodically if you are really interested. Or not.

In other news, I have a new necklace that I really like. My foot hurts. I forgot my golf clubs when I was in Portland this weekend. Apparently the golf course near here is prime elk habitat, and I am hoping to play a few rounds and write it off as a business expense. I was back in town over the weekend, finishing off a whirlwind tour of the state with a few friends from college. The coast, Mt. Hood, the city, the only thing we didn’t do was go to a winery. Dad will be in town in a few weeks, maybe I can work it then. Suggestions?

For now, I need to get back to figuring out how to do a non-blog website. But I hope I can post some pictures soon, as I seem to have a place with the technology necessary to do it: overlooking the plaster lighthouse that, together with McDonald’s and Walgreens, forms a perfect bookend to the 6 lane arterial that is Main Street Lincoln City.



  1. Big Sexy said,

    Don’t you need a real job to write something off as a business expense?

  2. WRI said,

    A new necklace? You homo.

  3. neckfro said,

    Funny–Ducky was in Oregon last weekend too. I would have told you or him to connect, but I thought he was going to Portland, Maine until he got back.

  4. JB said,

    BS: True. I would have just brought my space cadet hippie boss my recepit and hoped for a reimbursement.

    WRI: Actually, necklaces aren’t gay.  Two men having anal sex, that’s gay.

    NF: He should have known to call me himself. Unless he thinks I live in Portland, PA.

  5. LogJammin said,

    The only thing ‘gay’ around here is that goddamn website. Other than that, everything else is straighter than Oklahoma Senator Robert Byrd’s family tree…oh, except for the whining over a hurt foot. That’s fucking gay.

  6. JB said,

    Being told you’re gay by someone named LogJammin–that’s rich.

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