Republicans like hookers

May 9, 2006 at 5:52 am (Politics, Republican incompetence)

I try to avoid non-local politics on here but I just can't let this one slide. Porter Goss, CIA Director, resigned recently. Old news. Today, the Executive Director (#3 man) at CIA also submitted his resignation. In case you hadn't heard, and god knows that lapdog MSM has been towing the party line on this one, Mr. Goss resigned because, as a U.S. Representative from Florida, he made common practice of exchanging influence for sexual favors from prostitutes, and the administration wanted him out before the scandal hit. Which if CNN had its way, it wouldn't ever hit (your liberal media, folks).

Well today, after Kyle "Dusty John" Foggo resigned, unnamed "intelligance officials"assuaged fears that this is in fact something other than a chicken wing:

Intelligence officials said Foggo's departure would be "pretty standard" because the executive director "tends to follow the CIA director's career trajectory."

CNN of course presents this as common knowledge, and does not question the veracity of this claim, by, for example, citing other times in American history when similarly abrupt resignations have occurred (perhaps someone with more time than me can do this).  This has to be the most ridiculous statement out of CIA since "slam dunk."  Are they telling me that if the director leaves to become a Fox News analyst, or to take up painting, or to spend more time with his grandchildren, or to become a circus freak, that the ED is soon to follow?  Do they actually think people believe this kind of stuff?  What do they teach communications majors about issuing press statements that are blatant, unabashed lies?  I really want to know.  

My goal here is not to provide any particular insight but only to note that people who don't regularly read non-conservative blogs probably haven't heard that top U.S. intelligence officials are sleeping with hookers. This isn't the president and an intern who is subject to rigorous background check, this is the CIA DIRECTOR and god-damn prostitutes.

What if one of the hookers was a foreign operative? Yeah, okay, bad Grisham/Clancy novel, but what if? What if a foreign agent got photographs of the agents in question and tried to blackmail them? Again, unlikely, but can anyone really say with a straight face that having high level members of the C-I-freaking-A compromising themselves in such a fashion isn’t serious news?

What he said. Tell a friend.



  1. rock creek rambler said,

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I didn’t get from the Huffingtonpost post that he was exchanging influence for sex, as you suggest. From what I understand, he and other top officials allegedly awarded contracts to sketchy companies, including a “limousine” service that was actually a prostitution ring. There is a difference – there is plausible deniability in knowing the company was a prostitution service; there is no deniability in actually sleeping with the prostitute (assuming there is evidence).

    Also, this was in the Post today, so it’s not like it’s not getting coverage as “serious news.”

  2. JB said,

    It was in the Post today? That’s good…maybe it will finally start seeing some real press.

    As for the accusation, it isn’t very hard to connect the dots in the scenario you paint.

  3. QED said,

    “Nine Fingers” Foggo unceremoniously left the CIA because of gambling proclivities and the concomitant associations (Perhaps the other finger was hiding a ringer card, or gleefully appropriated elsewhere. . .). That moniker was as a term of endearment—I guess by hyper-moral Bill Bennett types. I do not have a link, but knock yourselves out. Incidentally, persons do not leave government to become Fox News robots, rather, they leave Fox News to become the president’s press secretary. . .

  4. corthar said,

    this really has nothing to do with this…except for the title of your post…but judging from my car ride from hell with two state House republican reps, they like not only like hookers, but they like rape as well

  5. JB said,

    So you either were a victim of, or witness to, a rape committed by 2 House members? Or did they just tell you all about it? Why do I think you’re exaggerating?

  6. corthar said,

    you knjow, after re-reading that comment…it is way open to interpretation and could be taken the wrong way. I was venting after a long trip with white male republicans (probably my least favorite group of people), in which I was subjected to endless hours of babbling regarding the sex-offender legislation. They thought sex-offenders are able to be rehabilitated, are not “hard” criminals, and that 99% of rapes occur because the girl cries “foul” after consenting. All of which has absolutely nothing to do with your post and everything to do with my general disgust upon arriving home.

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