May 1, 2006 at 5:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Some people have been questioning my reluctance to eat meat recently.  To them I say this: I am very, very sorry.  

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana (AP) — A diner found a piece of human flesh on his hamburger shortly after a restaurant worker accidentally cut his finger, and a spokeswoman said the company (TGI Friday's) was "very, very sorry."

The spokeswoman is Amy Freshwater.  I bet the water is not as fresh as the hamburger.



  1. TSS said,

    I’ve been sticking to fish, eggs, cheese, and veggies and it’s surprisingly easy. I even switched to soy milk. I am truly turning into a left coaster.

  2. LogJammin said,

    personally, i enjoy the ‘j. dahmer’ diet…it’s easier than atkins, and more effective than the south beach.

    as for the vegetarian lifestyle, i’ll refer to the wisdom of a bumpersticker:
    i love animals…they’re delicious!

  3. neckfro said,

    Very disappointing, Jbad. This very well could have happened with a salad or a garden burger, and your connecting it to meat is a reach at best. Just so happened the guy was making a burger, not a tempeh veggie hoagie when he cut his finger. That’s like saying: “Wow, that Honda got hit by a meteor. That’s why I don’t drive Honda’s!” Poor, poor logic. It’s precisely these kind of arguments that make people like me loathe vegeterians. I liked it better when you kept your dietary choices to yourself. Now you’ve entered the realm of “I don’t eat meat so I’m better than you,” a realm entirely populated by douche bags.

  4. JB said,

    Where in my post did I imply that I am better than anyone based on dietary choices? Your blanket condemnation of vegetarians (which I am not) makes me think you are fishing for an excuse to label me a douche bag.

    Your salad analogy is just silly. You don’t think a bloody piece of human flesh would have stood out more, and likely been seen by a staff person, if it had been sitting on a bed of lettuce rather than a bloody piece of animal flesh?

    Let’s pretend you had made a plausible comparison: “that Honda blew a tire and careened into a ditch…that’s why I don’t drive Hondas.” You would be wrong. If you had said “That’s why I don’t drive,” you may be onto something.

  5. neckfro said,

    “To them I say this: I am very, very sorry. ” What exactly were you implying there? “I’m sorry your eat meat.” Ergo, I’m better than you.

    My analogy is just fine thanks, and no in a corporate kitchen I don’t think it would have been noticed anyway. If you read the article, you’ll see the diner noticed it instantly, so it wasn’t as if it was camoflagued in the burger.

    A plausible restaurant analogy to your Honda one would be something like this:

    There was a finger in that guys burger. That’s why I don’t eat.

  6. JB said,

    Did you even read the article I linked to? The very very sorry comment was lifted straight from that.

    A “corporate kitchen.” As opposed to what, yours?

  7. TSS said,

    I think you guys should fight about it.

  8. neckfro said,

    Of course I read it–and that’s the point. You’re “very, very sorry” towards anyone who eats meat?? Because there might be a finger in it? Come on. Back to my original point–the finger could have just as easily wound up in a salad.

    A corporate kitchen like TGI Friday’s, or Bennigan’s or Applebees or whatever–how much attention do you think those people really pay to the food? For christ’s sake, there are diagrams on the wall on how to assemble things:

    Friday’s Signature burger:

    Bottom Bun
    Special Sauce
    Top Bun

  9. JB said,

    I’ve been thinking about your meteor analogy. Let’s take it one step further. The sun may go nova some day, so I’m not going to ____________.

    But if your point is to rail on gimmicky chain restaurants, we are pretty much making the same point. Except you have an irrational hatred for anyone who questions going to TGI McScratchy’s and ordering ground beef.

  10. neckfro said,

    I’m just saying that if your reluctance to eat meat has anything to do with a finger showing up on a buger, as opposed to any other sort of food–it’s irrational.

    My hatred extends to anyone who eats at any of those restaurants, period. 🙂

  11. TSS said,

    That’s why I only eat at McDonalds, but I take the quarter pounder patties (all six of them) and fry them up in my own lard before I eat them.

  12. JB said,

    “people like me loathe vegeterians.”

    You seem hypersensitive…were you abused by a vegetarian as a child, perhaps pelted with kale when you misbehaved?

  13. rock creek rambler said,

    Seriously guys, gayest. argument. ever. I feel like I’ve wandered into the middle of a slap fight.

    TSS, I like to dip my big macs in batter and then give them a quick deep fry. It burns off most of the lettuce and gives the sandwich a crispy buttery crust.

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