Let’s form a church

April 26, 2006 at 6:03 am (Religion)

…and make Sean Hannity look like a flaming liberal.

As a commenter notes, this page is probably not "work safe." Fortunately most of my readers are unemployed.



  1. corthar said,

    gee, thanks. that video links to a site that caters to porn video. i’m at work. where is the warning? now my internet surfing is going to be monitored for the next month.

  2. neckfro said,

    Yeah, but the Patriot Guard ROCKS: http://www.patriotguard.org/


    A bunch of Hell’s Angels who outnumber these freaks and block them from confronting the families. When the freaks chant, the Hell’s Angels rev their engines…I love it.

  3. JB said,

    Geez, I didn’t see the porn. Sorry about that.

    “Don’t click on the above link of you don’t like porn.”

  4. TSS said,

    Since I can’t read, I liked the porn links. It don’t matter how illiterate you are when it comes to bootay!

    (that went well)

  5. jones said,

    i can’t stand talking heads. i had to read the tribune article to find out why that freaky smiling woman was protesting because i couldn’t make it more than a minute into the video. and that long only because of the asses around the video. how come they’re always from philly?

  6. JB said,

    I thought they were from Kansas.

  7. jones said,

    no, the thongs.

  8. JB said,

    Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but ok.

  9. jones said,

    let me splain – those pictures of women that ring the video (and are on many not-so-reputable sites) obviously use your ip address to create the location under the picture. hence, to me, there seem to be a lot of half-naked women in philly looking for love. maybe i’ve spent too much time on no-so-reputable sites.

  10. TSS said,

    I actually got curious about that and read the fine print. They admit somewhere that those are actual pictures from their dating service, but the descriptions underneath are generated. Not that anyone’s surprised.

    I’ve heard dating services are getting sued for putting up lots of fake women and in some cases paying women to go out with the lonely guys (No way!). Some guy got one of the girls to admit she was an employee and then sued.

    Me, I find women the respectable way. Only gunshows and XXX bookstores for me.

  11. JB said,

    Ok, I’m old enough to admit this…not long after college (sometime in 2001, I believe) I registered for an online dating service. About 4 months ago I received notice of a class action settlement against the company. I didn’t read it thoroughly, but I believe the word “fraud” was used repeatedly. I could have gotten some free stuff I think, but I had since lost interest.

    I’ll offer this piece of advice for anyone who may considering something similar: if the girl ain’t smiling in her picture, she probably has really bad teeth. And an 18 month old son.

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