SOWA update

April 11, 2006 at 6:37 pm (Planning, Portland)

Maybe you've been down to the South Waterfront lately. Probably you haven't–there's still nothing there yet. But the first residents are supposed to be moving in this month, and I seem to remember the deal involving a park of some sort. If you happen down there, which I do on a regular basis, you will notice that the Self Storage facility next to the new OHSU building was condemned and emptied in December, and a sign says "new park to open June 2006." Yet the buildings are still there, and there is no mention of it anywhere on the city's website. Perhaps this will be a model of government efficiency, with a new park being designed and built on a redevelopment site in only two months. Alternatively, perhaps this will be a typical government project, years behind schedule and millions of dollars over-budget.

I just emailed the Parks Bureau with a slightly less sarcastic framing of these questions, and I will post their reply. Of course, I have found City employees very non-responsive to electronic inquiries, so who knows if I will ever hear anything.

 UPDATE:  Well, here's what they said to me:

PDC has posted a "coming soon" sign on the Public Storage site.  Phase I Park Improvements will be completed by July 1, 2006. Improvements will include demolition of the buildings and installation of lawn, irrigation and perimeter sidewalks. A historic marker commemorating the first log cabin in Portland will be moved from SW Macadam Avenue to the park site after July 1. Phase II Park Improvements, permanent park improvements, will include an extensive public outreach process for programming and design of the park.


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