I feel neglected

March 6, 2006 at 7:24 am (Porn, Random)

Big Picnic undergoes a major overhaul, apparently in response to an unrepentant storm of porn spam in the comments. Why don’t I get porn spam? Other than people who come here hoping for some zooporn (43 in the past month), this site is almost entirely smut-free. Jalalablog is home to at least three robot web indexers: googlebot, something from Texas A&M University, and another that just shows up as an IP address (, .13, or .14) in my traffic log. I guess I don’t really WANT porn spam (note to readers: please do not pretend you are porn spam), but I really wonder why I have never had that problem. Is that a hidden gem in the otherwise mediocre, user-unfriendly blogging program that is squarespace?

UPDATE: It turns out I do have some spam commenters, advertising such useful tools as autofellatio and debt reduction services. They are called “references,” not actual comments. These appeared 3 days ago…a calm before the storm? My squarespace account is up for renewal in 12 days, and I had no intention of renewing it anyway. I want a blog that can have poll questions in the sidebar. I miss that. And possibly multiple posters again…that was fun. Any suggestions?

This has been kind of fun, poring through old entries looking for “references” (there are a few more randomly scattered throughout), so stay tuned all this week! for the Very Best of Jalalablog. It won’t take long.


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  1. booyah said,

    wordpress rocks. there are some free ones: blogsome.com, etc. Or just get a real hosting account, probably cheaper than what you pay for squarespace. wordpress is what is up at bigpicnic, and at neckfro, infinitely customizable, multiple posters, etc. if you actually take the time to register for neckfro, i’ll promote you so you can tool around.

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