Sound the alarm

February 28, 2006 at 6:58 am (Politics, Portland, Uncategorized)

The Cascade Policy Institute says something I agree with. Basically, the point is that biodiesel will never become a competetive fuel because regulatory barriers prevent small manufacturers and dealers from entering the market. It seems to be very true. My interpretation of this site leads me to believe that most people with the desire to produce the stuff could do it easily. But how many people will really make their own fuel? Not many. But if someone on every block made it you would have thousands of renewable fuel refineries scattered throughout the city. Too bad it’s so damn expensive to get a permit to sell it legally.

This is just another reason that I need to buy a house. I’d have a moonshine biodiesel factory in the basement and the garage. Does anyone out there have a diesel car and do you want to try my first batch?



  1. booyah said,

    At the brewery, we give all of our spent grease to hippies. They make bio-diesel and drive around Flagstaff. It’s cool.

  2. jones said,

    damn, that does look easy. what exactly is diesel, anyway? they can make it out of coal gas, petroleum and plant matter, its supposedly clean and one of the byproducts can be used to make explosives? sign me up.

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