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February 28, 2006 at 6:25 am (Religion, Uncategorized)

One of the five channels I get is TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network or The Bible Network as I call it). I just watched my favorite Commentator, who devotes a half hour to explaining why the Rapture is imminent by quoting Scripture. He was taking us all through the process of accepting Jesus, when I began to wonder if it was really necessary. I remember being a kid and going to Bible School across the street, from a woman who if I’m not mistaken believes that unbaptized 5-day-old Pakistani babies who die of dysentery go to hell (Southern Baptists?) We accepted Jesus all the time. Probably on a daily basis. In fact, I remember being so scared I was going to Hell that I would sneak under the covers at night and quietly beg Him to “come into my heart.” Now when I do that it has an entirely different meaning.

What I want to know is, did He leave? When I officially gave up on religion about 10 years ago, did He decide to spend His spiritual capital on a more deserving soul, or is He still kicking it down there? I was baptized, confirmed, I carried candles and played saints and lambs in Christmas plays. Does that still count? What if old Jack is right, and one day pretty soon the great white light will shine, will I be among those Left Behind? Or will I be Saved, thanks in full to my past indoctrinations? I think technically I meet the criteria for infidel. But did Jesus just give up on me and leave my heart? What kind of Savior would do that? I would honestly like to know the Pope’s official position.

Among the reasons I bring this up is because I am thinking about attending a Unitarian service. Any thoughts?



  1. corthar said,

    "They" would say Jesus didn’t leave your heart. "They" would say you grabbed him by the balls, yanked him out of your heart, spit on him, stomped on him, and nailed him. (was that a pun?)But that’s them.Unitarian services are interesting, informative and educational. In fact, my unitarian church comes off more as a political committee than a church, but that is probably why I like it. If you are looking for someone to "come" into your heart again…you’ll probably be in the wrong place.

  2. booyah said,

    Definitely go. But go to First Church, not WHUUF. (West Hills). I was raised at WHUUF, but my folks left for First Church (where Susan is a lay minister) when I was about 16. The issue? Oregon’s first anti-gay rights bill, measure 9. WHUUF was so liberal, that they refused to take a stance against measure 9, arguing that it might alienate people who held religious beliefs against gays. Say hi to my folks. 🙂

  3. JB said,

    corthar: so I am going to hell? I like to think that Jesus wouldn’t engage in the kind of petty, vindictive behavior that Jerry Falwell would advocate, but what do I know? And I’m not looking for anyone to come into my heart, just for something new.Booyah: I didn’t know you were a unitarian. Is that the one downtown, on 12th?

  4. booyah said,

    Yep, first church is downtown, right by LHS. Check it out. Being Unitarian is pretty loose, but technically, I was raised in the Unitarian church, by my dad and susan, at least.

  5. corthar said,

    dude, i said "they" would say you are going to hell. not me. don’t confuse the two.

  6. corthar said,

    and by "they" i’m referring to southern baptists, who you mentioned. not unitarians.

  7. rock creek rambler said,

    I’m going to a box buried in the dirt. Not as good as heaven, not as bad as hell. Even stephen.

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