Super Picks

January 18, 2006 at 4:21 pm (Sports)

Here is all you need to know before contacting your bookie this weekend:*

NFC (Carolina at Seattle): There’s a reason the Seahawks have only lost 4 games at home in the last 3 seasons, including playoffs. That place is easily the loudest sports facility I have ever been in. Seriously, it makes the Vet sound like a library, and my ears were ringing all day after the game last Sunday. That trend is not going to be reversed this weekend. Plus, if Mike Holmgren gets back to the Bowl, then every time the Eagles, Packers, Bucs, or Seahawks play, you will be treated with that picture of the mid-90s Green Bay coaching staff about 6 times in the first half alone. I have never seen that before. Seattle, 27-20.

AFC (Pittsburgh at Denver): Interestingly, the Eagles played every team in the AFC West this season, and beat them all except for Denver (and that game was winnable). This accounted for fully half of all their victories. I’m not saying the AFC West is the weakest division in football, I am saying it is the second weakest. If the Broncs were in the NFC East or South, they wouldn’t even be in the playoffs. Plus, Big Ben vs. Jake the Snake? Who would you vote for? Sorry Denver fans, but John Elway is still retired. Pittsburgh, 31-14.

*I almost did something like this for the BCS, but I think I was too hungover that day. It’s a good thing, because I was wrong on all counts. So if your bookie is named Moose or Rocko, or if he likes to use thumbs as collateral, you might want to talk to someone with some actual knowledge.



  1. booyah said,

    You couldn’t be more right about seattle. Conversely, you couldn’t be more wrong about Denver.

  2. grundle said,

    where can i find that green bay picture?

  3. JB said,

    Boo–you have apparently been contaminated by your roommate.Grundle–I’m not sure such a picture exists.

  4. jones said,

    i disagree with boo on all counts. steve smith is god if he were 5’9".

  5. LogJammin said,

    SuperBowl Prediction:Ditka – 72Seahawks/Steelers SuperTeam – 3

  6. booyah said,

    Jones–Seeing as you live in PA, you are entirely unqualified to pass any judgement on Seattle. How many times did you watch the hawks this year? We can agree to disagree on Denver, but honestly, Carolina is overmatched–especially if Peppers can’t go.

  7. jones said,

    my choices are admittedly colored by ignorance, but i have trouble getting past "we’ll take the ball and… al harris is gonna score." the only heart i see on the seahawks is joe "eagle killer" jure-viscious, while the panthers all seem cocky as hell. i guess the confidence factor is my guiding principle in the playoffs.

  8. TSS said,

    That ringing was just alcohol poisoning, I think.

  9. booyah said,

    I’m here to eat crow re the Broncos, but revel in my glory regarding the Seahawks. 🙂

  10. jones said,

    i think absolutely wrong is the best phrase to describe my post on that subject.

  11. JB said,

    I could mention how right I was, but I don’t want to gloat.

  12. booyah said,

    dude. you nailed it. i’m sticking with my seacocks in the big dance. mostly because I don’t want duce staley to win a SB before donnie. 🙂

  13. JB said,

    Take solace in knowing that if they win, Duce deserves about as much credit as the guy who replaces urinal cakes at the stadium.

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