Merry Christmas

December 25, 2005 at 3:27 pm (Politics, Republican incompetence)

I remember a few years ago, Kehr was prattling on about Project Echelon, which was supposed to be some huge NSA program to intercept and record every bit of electronic communication worldwide. I thought he was a nutbag. Turns out he was probably right.

In case you are averse to clicking on links, which may be a good idea, this article details how the Bush Domestic Spying Program has been intercepting all international phone calls originated in the United States. Let me repeat that: all international phone calls originating in the United States. I imagine that includes Rush Limbaugh’s doctor shopping calls to Tijuana. I wonder if the cheerleading squad will pause for a brief halftime break?

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  1. rcr said,

    I’m also averse to reading descriptions of linked posts. So I remain in ignorant bliss. Pass the opium.

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