December 21, 2005 at 3:29 pm (Personal)

Two of my four regular readers went to high school with this girl, who just killed herself. I knew her since junior high, I used to make fun of her for being drunk in Mrs. Goldstein’s art class. Who knew what a harbinger that was. Any time someone takes their own life it is a tragedy of unimaginable scope, with the ripples affecting someone as removed as I am, having not seen or even considered this girl for almost a decade. I can’t imagine how the family must feel. Especially the one year old daughter she left behind. I don’t care how much self loathing you harbor, or how bad your life has become, how can you do something so cruel to your own child? Not only will she grow up without a mother, but someday she will realize that a year after she was born, her mom killed herself. That will do wonders for your confidence.

Update: I just learned that the daughter was 4, and the suicide date was her birthday. All sympathy I may have had for the deceased just evaporated.

Update 2: This guy has a much better take on it than I do. There is no permalink; scroll down to the post called Kitty Genovese.


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  1. TLS said,

    She’s the first person I ever saw who would go to 7-11 before school, buy cough syrup, and get drunk at school. My 15 year old mind was shocked. Looks like she never stopped being selfish.

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