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November 17, 2005 at 12:42 am (Random)

Yes I am a full time grad student, and I work part time, so I go through phases where I don’t have time to do much blogging. The thing that sucks about being on the quarter system (as opposed to semesters) is that they are only 10 weeks long. So you coast for a few weeks, then midterms arrive, and as soon as they end it is finals time. I am currently in that transition phase, so rather than have to geek out when I go visit Boo for Thanksgiving, I am geeking out as much as possible now. (no promises though) I haven’t been keeping up with the news lately, much less forming and expressing opinions about particular items. Luckily, I have a contingency plan, so during the next few days or weeks, when you are dying for some of that jalalablog wit, chaek back and see some of my made-to-order news commentaries. Here’s a few:

Looks like those clowns in Congress have done it again. What a bunch of clowns.

Can you believe Bush said that? What a moron.

I completely disagree with the new policy initiative and/or budget proposal put forth by the White House.

I can’t believe [insert high ranking Republican here] is also under investigation!

Boy I can’t believe the Eagles lost to [insert name of team Eagles just played].

Additions welcome…



  1. rock creek rambler said,

    “I hope they catch the sick fuck who abducted that girl.”Seriously, it seems like there’s one of these a week now. Is it just me, or are they getting more frequent.

  2. JB said,

    I don’t know, is it you? That would explain a few things.

  3. Big Sexy said,

    Hey RCR, Those things are not geting more frequent…In fact, they are getting less frequent…It is just that news is more about ratings than shit that actually matters, so abductions and shit are always in the nws now. Not the abductions don’t matter, but come on, they happen every day in every big city, they shouldn’t be cloggin up the news when there is shit that affects everyone that we don’t even hear about….BTW, sorry I haven’t been talking too much trash on everyone’s blog lately. My roomate decided to move out west, so I have been pretty preoccupied with all of the logistics invloved with finding a new home (which is a pretty daunting task when you are not looking to spend much money) As soon as I get my new abode painted and decorated (and my russian friend hooks it up with the free cable and internet) I’ll be back flapping my gums at ya’ll

  4. JB said,

    You should have stayed man, that place was pimp.

  5. TLS said,

    Remember "the year of the shark", directly preceding 9/11, when shark attacks were actually down? I’m just sayin’ an "event" can be manufactured. I also think it’s a product of freer information flow, what with all this intarweb geegaw being easily accesible and all.And this place <i>is</i> pimp. I’m enjoying it right now (being unemployed is fun). Of course all y’all are invited to my new pad in Seattle, if’n you can mosey on out that way.I’m thinking of the 100 meter mosey.

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