November 3, 2005 at 11:31 pm (Rant)

I started patronizing a particular coffee shop near my office a few months ago because there was this really cute girl who worked there. I continued going there because they have pretty good coffee. Well, I have become such a regular that this gay guy now recognizes when I am wearing new clothes, and today the lead Barista gave me one on the house, he likes me so much. That wouldn’t be so alarming unless you knew where I worked and thus the sheer amount of coffee this guy sells. And I finally threw away my coffee cup collection today because I needed some space on my desk, and it filled my entire trash can. Maybe if I slept better I wouldn’t need to drink so much coffee. Maybe if I didn’t drink so much coffee I would sleep better. Maybe if I wash my hair the sun won’t come up tomorrow. Start thinking like that and you’ll go crazy.



  1. rcr said,

    I drink my shitty office coffee – otherwise I would go broke. 5 cups a day, easy.

  2. booyah said,

    Dude. It’s called a mug. Look into it.

  3. TLS said,

    I can’t bring myself to “do” coffee. If I want a morning caffeine injection I drink a Diet Coke or tea. I think tea is underrated in this here Uhmurica.

  4. JB said,

    Yeah, I imagine Red Bull and vodka is a much better motivator in the morning.

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