Thank you Jones

October 18, 2005 at 5:56 am (Zooporn)

Just click on this link. I dare you.



  1. jones said,


  2. confused in arizona said,

    Ok, so I consider myself pretty resourceful and I understand the new-fangled invention we like to call “the Internet” but I’m f-ing lost on this. I was trying to access and was directed here. Who manages this site? I thought it was the scruffy-faced bartender in Flag, but is it his buddy in Portland? You know, for a journalist I feel pretty stupid right now. I can’t even figure out how to post my querry to the webmaster. No rush on answering this, I understand how idiotic it is. Peace to whomever is reading this.

  3. JB said,

    Your scruffy-necked bartender has a new site:www.neckfro.comHe donated to a worthy chatiry…me.

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