Quote of the day

October 11, 2005 at 4:42 am (Quote of the day)

“As the producers of Girls Gone Wild and MTV can attest, there are many things
college girls will do for attention or money. There are few organizations,
however, that can persuade this demographic to masturbate with salt shakers and
drop trousers or fake orgasms while humping doorknobs and ski poles in front of
a room of cheering fraternity brothers–merely so that they can belong. But
sororities can.”

From the book Pledged: the Secret Life of Sororities, by Alexandra Robbins.



  1. rock creek rambler said,

    I remember hearing about this book. Most of the sororities that talked to her and let her in on this stuff were the un-chartered sororities. Highly-esteemed, nationally chartered sororities would not permit anything like this, nor would the girls stoop to it. What we’re talking about here are those fringe sororities that are already filled with the worst of the worst anyway. They are basically nothing more than drinking clubs.

  2. JB said,

    She has a whole section in the beginning of the book quoting people who have criticized her research methods, ad hominem attacks, etc. My favorites are the ones along the lines of “I’ve never read the book, but everything in it is untrue.”Eggs really have gotten a bad rap lately, you know.

  3. Big Sexy said,

    I have not read the book, but I did attend West Virginia University for 6 years, and I’m sure that there isn’t much in that book that I have not seen in person. (and yes Rock Creek, bonna fide sorrorities do this shit too) I’m too lazy to go into detail, but I can tell you that there is nothing in a girls gone wild video that you can’t see at a Delta Gamma or Alpha Phi party on any given Thursday in Morgantown. (please note, the sororities never had parties at their own houses, they were always in conjunction with a frat at a frat house or a privatly rented facility)

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