September 28, 2005 at 11:09 pm (Rant)

Gawd…who needs ’em, really? (warning…my bitterness is making me misogynistic, and it’s coming out in this post) I’m seriously considering going gay, and here is an example of why. I got in trouble at the gym today. Not really in trouble, but I did get the eye-rolling sigh/harumph from some chick after she caught me staring at her. See, I wasn’t staring so much at her as I was staring at the enormous dragon tatoo on her leg. Seriously, it took up her entire quadricep and left (outer) side of her thigh. My question is: why would you adorn yourself in artwork (it really was beautiful and intricate), go out to a public place wearing skimpy clothing, and then get annoyed when someone, anyone, checks you out? Why did you get the damn thing in the first place? It’s like walking around with the original Mona Lisa and wondering why people keep stopping you on the street. Same thing goes for women who feign annoyance when people (men and women) stare at them in their little tanktops that leave half of each breast exposed. I mean, if I walked around with my balls hanging out my drawers, I would expect people to stare at me. I certainly wouldn’t get mad when they did. And they usually do.



  1. TLS said,

    You could have told her that stuff, ya know. About how you thought the tat was beautiful. Just a thought.When I was a freshman in college I saw a girl all the time who was a “green girl”. She wore everything the same shade. Showes, laces, pants, tops, backpack, and hair were all the same shade of green. I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was gawking at her and she always gave me a dirty look. On the third occassion I said something to her. I wish it was witty but it wasn’t. I told her to “take a shower then”. But the point remains, why would she dress that way if she didn’t want to get stared at?

  2. rock creek rambler said,

    take a shower? what does that mean?

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