Roe v. Paid

September 22, 2005 at 5:03 pm (Philly)

Don’t want to get into a pro/anti abortion debate here, but I think this is pretty funny.

Starting Oct. 1, PPSP will begin a new fundraising program, called “Pledge-a-Picket,” in which donors promise to give a certain amount of money for every protester who visits their Locust Street headquarters. If a donor pledges $1 per protester (the minimum is 10 cents), and 100 protesters show up, the donor gives $100. The agency plans to set up a counter at the front entrance, so that protesters can see how much money their nemesis has made off of them.

Had you walked by the Planned Parenthood clinic this past Saturday morning, you would have seen a throng of about 100 people standing in front of a tree-lined alcove, heads bowed toward the brick building as if in supplication to it. Quietly, they recite the rosary over and over, without pause or variation. They say it hundreds of times, their collective voice filling the air like a cricket song.

Jones, you gotta go check that out sometime. Take a few pictures.

(One protester) says she believes that if she and her brethren pray long and hard enough, the abortion clinic will go away. And this may be the real reason that Pledge-a-Picket will have little effect: As far as the protesters are concerned, Planned Parenthood can make all the money it wants. They trade in the currency of prayer.

Because, you know, The Lord is a micromanager. He cares about the everyday fates of all of His children, which is why good always triumphs over evil.



  1. corthar said,

    brilliant idea.

  2. jones said,

    how am i missing this stuff? i’ll definitely get you a picture – we can link to it at putfile or something. maybe i’ll mail you a memorial hoagie too.

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