If it bleeds, it leads

September 20, 2005 at 5:47 pm (Politics, Republican incompetence)

Some people still buy into the idea that there is a vast liberal media conspiracy, preventing America from reaching the heights of glory we saw on Leave It To Beaver. To those people I say consider things like this:

If this had happened in the Clinton White House it would be gavel to gavel coverage. As it is, it seems to be blacked out. Our liberal media at work again.

I would add that if Clinton had done half the things Bush has done (Iraq/WMD, Rove/Plame, Katrina, this) he would have been drawn and quartered by our esteemed Republican lemmings in Congress.



  1. TLS said,

    Why are you singling me out? I post fawningly about NPR, falling over myself saying nice things about it, and that’s me making accusations about “a vast liberal media conspiracy”?This kneejerk defensiveness says more about you than it does me. Your argument would be persuasive if it was relevant to my post, but since it isn’t it’s just plain weird.

  2. JB said,

    I’m singling you out because you are one of about 3 people who read this thing. And we had a debate about this before…if someone hadn’t killed the old site I would link to it.

  3. TLS said,

    Well choose someone else for your punchingbag next time. I don’t appreciate having beliefs attributed to me that aren’t true.

  4. JB said,

    Punching bag? Jesus, chill man. Like I said, no one reads this thing but you and RCR anyway.

  5. TLS said,

    …mumble, mumble… I’m just sayin’ is all …mumble, mumble…

  6. rock creek rambler said,

    hey, let’s all point at TLS and laugh. Ha ha.

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