“I feel like I have to shit”

August 22, 2005 at 9:35 pm (Rant)

So we recently learned that we are doing some reorganizing at the old
employer, and I will be moving to a new location far from my current
cubicle. I for one can’t wait. The girl across from me is
rapidly becoming very pregnant, and throughout the day I am treated to
various pronouncements like the subject of this posting, which she
regurgitated today. Bunyons on her feet. Strange
smells. Puking every morning. I appreciate her plight, the
need for propogation of the species et cetera, but we are presumably at
a place of business. She has no qualms about teling every single
person who is courteous enough to say hi to her the explicit details of
nearly every bodily function. It’s too bad because she was
probably attractive about 7 and a half months ago. She will not
be moving with along with me, and I can’t say I will miss her.



  1. TLS said,

    That’s disgusting. That’s the sort of thing she should share with her partner, not public. This is why it’s best not to provoke the wrath of pregnant ladies.

  2. rock creek rambler said,

    There is someting to be said for adoption.

  3. rock creek rambler said,

    I’m typing in a jamaican acccent now.

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