Call me old fashioned

August 12, 2005 at 10:28 pm (Rant)

I really don’t think women should be talk radio hosts. I have yet
to find one on either side of the dial who doesn’t drive me absolutely
crazy. On Al Franken’s show, his female sidekick is the annoying
one, if that tells you anything. Dr. Laura, well we all know
about her. And every time I hear a promo for Janine Garofolo’s
show I just want to drive off a cliff. I have heard train wrecks
more pleasing to the ear, and better reasoned arguments from



  1. larry said,

    Terry Gross ain’t half bad.

  2. JB said,

    Good point. I was more trowling the depths of partisan hackery, however. She’s more of an actual journalist.

  3. larry said,

    Well I think we’re in agreement with the larger point you were making, which is that women belong in the kitchen making me some figgy pudding (and bring it right here!).Does anyone else find that song a little strange at that point?

  4. JB said,

    I had a fig for breakfast today. And a bagel.

  5. larry said,

    Your Mom’s a bagel.

  6. rock creek rambler said,

    Yeah, but dude, that was one smart cucumber.

  7. DC_Cookie said,

    What about Ellen DeGeneres? She’s hysterical. Then again, you said radio…and female…

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