Longest Post Ever

August 4, 2005 at 3:03 am (Personal, Rant)

Ok, I am back from my whirlwind trip through the Midwest, which took me
to such exotic locales as Minocqua, WI; Boaz, WV; and Chicago’s Midway
Airport. You ever pass someone you vaguely know while running down the
moving walkway during a 30 minute layover? That happened to me on
Sunday. Didn’t have time to say, hey I know you, try and picture me
with hair on my head and not on my face. Small world, I guess.

Before I get started let me give a brief what-what to everyone I saw
over the past 2 weeks. Then there will be no more sappy ex-girlfriend
shit, I promise. I can actually say that for the first time in almost 3
months, I am not depressed. I really feel like I found the “reset”
button, and pushed it a few times. It’s weird because I felt
terrible when I left for the airport to come back here, but when I got
off the plane I felt better than I have in a long time. I fucking love
this place. Watch for my “I love Portland” series, to be debuting soon.
Then if people don’t start coming to visit me we will have some serious

I started off with a weekend in Chicago, with good old larry and his
still-closeted roommate (dude, you have to get him to start reading
this thing, or I will make too much of a habit of ripping him). The
first notable notable is that I accomplished my goal of not doing any
drugs on my entire trip, which I think played no small role in my
recent mental recovery (NB: marijuana, alcohol, nicotine, zanax, and
vicadin are not drugs. I’m talking about the hard stuff). We went to
Lollapalooza, which was the impetus for the entire trip to begin with.
Below is my review of the bands I gave a shit about, roughly in order
of appearance.

Cake: Man, I was disappointed in Cake. They were really unenthusiastic.
Which may have had something to do with the fact that some other shitty
band was playing 100 yards away and the sound bled over, but the more
you stop to acknowledge it, the worse it gets. Just play and turn up
the volume a little.

Brian Jonestown Massacre: If you see Brian on the street sometime, punch him in the face for me. He probably deserves it.

Primus: Half the reason I went to the show. They fucking rocked, which
is a given anytime Les steps on stage. It was very much a throwback,
with I believe only 2 songs from Pork Soda and nothing from anything
after that. No complaints here, although I would have liked to have
heard Winona’s Big Brown Beaver.

Billy Idol: Surprisingly entertaining.

Weezer, Pixies, Digable Planets: I missed them, in lieu of a nap. It was worth it.

Dinosaur Jr.: The other half of the reason I went to the show. Needless
to say I have been listening to a lot of Dinosaur lately, and this show
made up for the fact that the only other time I ever saw them, in 1996,
I had to leave early to catch a train back out to Ardmore (Philly). It
was the original lineup, and they only played songs they had recorded
together. That means there was no Green Mind or Without a Sound, and if
you don’t have Bug or You’re Living All Over Me (their best album), you were probably disappointed.
And J Mascis rocked, so I no longer believe the rumor that he has MS.
He looks like he’s 75, while Lou Barlow probably still gets carded for
beer, but he’s definitely not dying.

Drive by Truckers: 3 guitars is always too much, except for these guys. Check them out of you can.

G Love and Special Sauce: My namesake, you sounded pretty good from the
tree I was sitting under on the other side of the grounds, chugging 5
dollar Bud Lights.

Widespread Panic: The other half of the reason I went to the show (it
was a big show). Can’t say I care for the new guitarist. He’s good,
sure, but try to imagine, I don’t know, CSNY without Steven Stills. It
just didn’t sound right. They still got down though, and JB, my other
namesake, sounds more like 2005-Bob Dylan every time I hear him.

So then I went to Wisconsin for some more heavy drinking, chain
smoking, and fishing. I’ll be brief, as there’s not much newsworthy
that happened: I caught a small bluefish, whose guts I promptly ripped
out trying to release him from my line. He bled all over me and I’m
pretty sure didn’t survive the fall back into the water. Some friendly
advice: after about 8 beers and 3 bowls or so, it’s time to stop using
real hooks. Oh, and I HATE “indie rock.” I knew that already, but all
doubts have been permanently eradicated. Thanks Dave, I owe you one. If
the Get Up Kids got up on a tall building, and then got down at 9.81
m/s, I wouldn’t shed a tear.

Then it was back to the Burg, for an exciting weekend of Clown Golf,
sitting around the pool, swimming, reading, stealing cigarettes from my
mom, and sneaking beers with my dad. Oh, and I had sushi and went
to a
gay nightclub. I don’t know which woodwork some of these people crawl
out of. Everyone I know has to come over during Christmas, to see
remodeled basement at my parents place, it’s pimp. And we can all
thank the Bush Tax Cuts
(“home office” indeed) for that one. Yes, home is fun, but sometimes
it’s best not to leave the house. New auto parts stores no longer
excite me, and someday they will finish the new highway. Then I don’t
see any reason to go into town at all. The Pizza Place delivers, right?



  1. rock creek rambler said,

    I love the Get Up Kids. Got me through my breakup with the colombian whore.Gay night club, huh. So, you know, was he gentle?I could really go for some of the Place. I’ll definitely be back for Xgiving. Perhaps Xmas also.

  2. JB said,

    The GUK suck. And Jimmy Eat World can Jimmy Eat My Balls.

  3. larry said,

    I have to agree with Jbad’s general sentiment. I’ve heard very little Indie rock I found tolerable. Though I did always kind of like Anne Arbour by the GUKs because RCR introduced it to me at an opportune time, when I was feeling nostalgic for my former home of 5 years and not adjusting well to the Chicago burbs. I never really felt good about this place until I moved to the city… but now I’m getting into stuff that should be on my own blog.

  4. JB said,


  5. larry said,

    Bless you.

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