Fall from grace

June 8, 2005 at 6:51 am (Random)

Holy crap, was that Dennis Miller I just heard doing a commercial for
Loreal moisturizing cream? From HBO to CNBC to feminine
products? Even when he turned right, I always respected Dennis’s
style. But man, that’s sad.



  1. corthar said,

    I loathe Dennis Miller- as do a lot of women. Which is why it puzzles me so that he would be hocking a female product. Bad, bad marketing plan.But even that is not as puzzling as the fact that is hocking a French product. Isn’t he one of those irritating France bashers?

  2. corthar said,

    I’m sure he needs a perfectly smoothe, soft face to accommodate his mouth full of freedom fries and freedom toast. Besides, who does skincare better than the French?

  3. Underused said,

    If it’s the same ad I saw, it’s for a men’s moisturizing lotion, not women’s. And why does Gene Hackman do Lowe’s commercial voiceovers? That guy must be filthy rich by now.

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