Every sperm is sacred

May 29, 2005 at 10:56 pm (Politics, Religion)

Arlen Specter is the Joe Lieberman of the Republican party. Actually,
that’s not true, because I actually kind of like Specter. Here is an interesting article
about the pending stem cell legislation, with an entertaining
back-and-forth between Specter and Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas (a
really unfortunate name for a radical rightie).

Brownback questioned “what it does to the culture of life”
when government approves performing research on the embryos, which he
considers “young human life.”

Specter shot back, asking what it does “to the culture of life when you
let people die because there are medical research tools which could
keep them alive?”

“I hate to personalize this, but when I look back on 1970, and
President Nixon declared war on cancer, if that war had been adequately
funded like the rest of our wars, I might not have Hodgkin’s lymphoma
cancer today,” Specter said.

So when, pray tell, does life begin, Brownback wondered?

“It certainly doesn’t start in a laboratory dish,” Specter
replied. “This potential for life on these embryonic stem cells cannot
begin to occur unless it’s implanted back in a woman. We know for sure,
life does not start in a laboratory dish.”
Brownback was not persuaded, however, saying that the embryos are “sacred” and “should be treated as such.”

That’s right, every embryo, especially those artificially created in a
lab, are integral to God’s Plan and must be allowed to reach their full
Divine Potential of…sitting in a freezer in a lab, with no
possibility of ever becoming a living organism. I’m of the type (like
most sane people) who does not think that abortion is a Good Thing, and
that one goal of society should be to convince people to voluntarily
not engage in the practice whenever rationality would dictate, for
example, that other, preventative, measures are more appropriate
courses of action. But this whole culture of life nonsense has gotten
out of hand. Why is it that once the umbillical cord is cut, the sacred
nature of life ends and you’re either with us or you’re with al qaeda?
What does it say about the culture of life when we drop cluster bombs
on rural villages in Iraq and Afghanistan? What does it say about the
culture of life when we…oh don’t let me get started on this. I
wouldn’t mind if these nutjobs would just come out and say “look, once
you’re born you make your own choices and it is my duty as a Baptist to
hate you. If you didn’t want to die you shouldn’t have been born
black/poor/Muslim.” At least then they would be honest and true to
their rhetoric. Culture of Life…give me a fucking break.


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