Soul, coughing

May 21, 2005 at 7:52 pm (Personal)

I had a really interesting experience last night. Most of my
loyal readers know that I have been extremely depressed the last 2
weeks, in fact cripplingly so. Last night I went to a AAA
baseball game, and after watching the Portland Beavers turn a 4-0 lead
in the top of the 9th into a 7-4 loss in the 10th, a bunch of us went
out to some bar. I got good and loaded and was flirting with this
really attractive girl I have had a crush on since about the second day
of class in September. Toward the end of the night, and on the
ride home, I actually felt happy. What is noteworthy is not that
fact itself but how it presented itself. I think my serotonin
glands were ready to explode for lack of use, and that’s pretty much
what they did. I felt like I was on ecstasy for about half an
hour. I’m convinced that it was the exact same physiological
response, and it was pretty intense. After she dropped me off
(the mystery remains alive) I pretty much collapsed inside my
door. I had to sit down for a few minutes before I could even
walk up the stairs. And the best part is there is no 4 day
hangover you get from the real stuff. Fleeting, but almost
worth it. Almost.



  1. LogJammin said,

    I had that happen to me once. Then I realized that the car was running and the garage door was closed…No mystery there!

  2. larry said,


  3. corthar said,

    glad you felt good. finally!hang in there, those good nights will start happening with more frequency.

  4. booyah said,

    you should put your who who in her cha cha.

  5. JB said,

    That’s some good advice dude. I hadn’t thought of that.(and I believe the proper term is who who dilly)

  6. booyah said,

    that’s what i meant to say. any time you need advice just ask. It will usually be to hump.

  7. larry said,

    I prefer the spelling “hoo hoo dilly”.

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