Move over, Bach

May 13, 2005 at 8:12 pm (Music, Personal)

Pink Floyd Animals is the greatest musical achievement in the history of mankind. I’ve lost count of how many times that album has saved my life.



  1. larry said,

    How much you guys want to bet this goes completely ignored by the comrades in the mainstream media? “What liberal media?” indeed.

  2. larry said,

    I must be the only one who still thinks this joke is funny.

  3. JB said,

    Honestly, I didn’t get it.

  4. larry said,

    If you want to get approving responses on a righty blog, just take whatever esoteric fact the author just pointed out and start “taking bets” on how long it’ll be until the “unbiased” media reports on it, tongue firmly in cheek. Or go to some lefty blog and make a similar claim in the opposite direction. I’m not trying to be balanced here though, the righties are worse about this.Oh, and really JB, I don’t know who you think you’re fooling, but I sure as hell noticed that THIS CONVERSATION IS HAPPENING ALMOST EXACTLY ONE MONTH FROM HITLER’S BIRTHDAY! Did you really think we wouldn’t figure it out?

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