May 6, 2005 at 3:29 am (Random)

I musy apologize to my loyal readership (cricket…cricket…) for the lack of posts, but I’ve been really fucking busy lately. Grad school kind of sucks, as much as having a ton of shit to do all the time and only sleeping 5 hours a night can suck. I recently admitted to myself that whirlwind cross-country drinking binges are not the best idea during a ten week academic term, which is why next weekend’s version will at least be somewhat school-related. I plan on having my pal “Underused finally show me how to get squarespace (no plug here) to direct me to that domain name I’m paying for, so watch out soon for jalalablog.com.

Yahoo mail now offers one gigabyte of free storage. So, if you’re tired of getting all those gay porn ads from your gmail account, now may be a good time to switch.

And Tony Blair was re-elected as Prime Minister today, which you might not have known if you get your news from CNN. Right now the, top headline says “Runaway Bride Apologizes, Says She’s Getting Help.” Are our live this fucking boring? Lynndie England and Michael Jackson beat out old Tony, who is down at #5. I’ve always said there is no liberal media bias, just a crap media bias.



  1. Underused said,

    Well, it’s the other way around. The domain name server redirects jalalablog.com to your squarespace URL. So it really doesn’t have anything to do with squarespace. Who did you get the name through?

  2. Underused said,

    Oh, and who is Tony Blair? Is he one of the American Idol contestants?

  3. JB said,

    I got it through 1 and 1. Only 5.99 for a whole year. And really, I couldn’t believe he made it to the next round. I bet he is sleeping with the queen.

  4. Underused said,

    Oh, that’s mine too. Log into your 1&1 account, then go to package administration, then domains, then click on the domain name. Under destination, click edit. Enter the url where you want to forward the domain (http://www.jalalablog.squarespace.com), and the title of the page (Jalalablog). Then do the hokie pokie and turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about.

  5. booyah said,

    alternatively, pay for hosting (9.99/month with 1and1, cheaper with your friendly guys at thorhost (100/year)), and get a real weblog set up (I’ll do it for you–whoever you host with). You could have mutliple authors, post images, rss feeds, and much more legible themes… šŸ™‚

  6. JB said,

    Wow, that was easy. And free, except for the exorbitant fee squarespace charges me. Squarespace sucks. Have you seen how they advise you to redirect your domain? You have to be tri-lingual just to read the directions.

  7. booyah said,

    dude, how much are you paying squarespace per month?

  8. Underused said,

    I pay $4 a month for 100mb of storage and 2 gigs of bandwidth. I think that’s pretty cheap. Although, I think the prices have gone up since I signed up with them. Squarespace does have its limitations, but it beats Blogger. I hate blogger.

  9. booyah said,

    You could pay 1and1 9.99/month and get a real weblog system up there. WordPress is the bomb yo.

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