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April 19, 2005 at 8:06 pm (Politics)

Blindly partisan absolutists do occasionally produce something worth reading. You can imagine these people are upset by the “he beat communism!” hoopla, but I still find this a worthy rebuttal to recent poping efforts. What is the verb form of pope, anyway?

All the achievements of modern science—medical procedures to prolong the pope’s life; instant communications via satellite, television, radio and the internet informing the whole world of his condition; vehicles able to move hundreds of thousands of mourners quickly to Rome by land, air and sea—have been marshaled in a massive effort to convince the public that the life and death of this one person have had extraordinary, even supernatural consequences for the world.

The irony is that the enormous fortunes of today’s ruling capitalist class depend upon revolutionary advances in science and technology that fueled the growth of modern industry. And none of this would have been possible without the class and ideological battles during the feudal period that broke the Catholic Church’s monopoly on what people were allowed to think and say.

It was the triumph of the Enlight en ment over church dogma that freed up the natural sciences, which in turn allowed a period of stupendous development of the means of production that has totally transformed the world.


His commitment to the patriarchy was total. Not only would the church continue to be completely male dominated, but challenges to the patriarchal family like a woman’s right to choose when and if to have a child—including both contraception and abortionwell as the right of lesbians and gays to same-sex relationships were to be condemned.

Let us assume that John Paul’s preachings against capitalist “materialism” were sincere, even though the church hierarchy certainly do not lack material comforts. He was telling the masses of people that they should put spiritual matters before material ones. In the real world, this means accepting the inequalities of class society—the poor shall be ever with ye—and working on one’s spiritual salvation instead.

Marx, of course, was arguing for the building of a revolutionary workers’ movement that could rebuild social relations—and the love and solidarity of the human family—on a higher and more equitable level by returning ownership of the means of production to the community of workers who built them. When there is needless hunger, injustice, war and oppression, how can there be true satisfaction of our emotional and intellectual needs?


  1. larry said,

    I’d like to see Deirdre move to Cuba, publicly renounce her American citizenship, and then live as a Cuban. Let me guess that she suddenly doesn’t find the utopian paradise so enticing. Here’s another from her ( ), when she visited the sites of US war crimes in South Korea. I wonder why she didn’t see any in North Korea? Surely the benevolent government of North Korea would have welcomed a fellow comrade to go traipsing around the countryside, interacting with the common folk. What would they have to hide? I’m sure ‘ole Puppies and Rainbows Kimmy Il himself would have gladly welcomed her.Sorry, I’m getting off topic. But straight up communists need revealed for the scam artists/morons they are whenever possible. The quoted passages are fine, I just have a hard time taking a communist seriously.

  2. JB said,

    I think I coined a phrase there…blindly partisan absolutists.

  3. Underused said,

    grey text on black = migraineverb of pope = poop, as in Benedict has a lot of pooping to do to catch up with John Paul.

  4. booyah said,

    fuck a bunch of grey on black

  5. JB said,

    I can think of a few other things that might be causing your migraine.

  6. larry said,

    The color scheme doesn’t bother me, but having run a blog or two in my day, the crowd will always hate it.Didju guys know that the new Pope used to be in the Hitler youth?

  7. corthar said,

    %&*# the pope. I’m sick of hearing about it. As if the last pope wasn’t bad enough, they have to follow the swing of the US political pendulum and choose this geezer.Larry, I disagree with you. Just because the author of the article is critical in her writing does not mean she would want to live in Cuba. Just because people say we are “better” than some countrys in certain aspects doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of progress left to attain here in the US. And in order to progress, it is a good idea to learn from varying forms of government and to consider their positive aspects. And communism certainly does have some positive aspects. That is not to say that the theory put into practice will work. But capitalism is not working according to its theory, either. It is not a bad thing to think of alternatives/options outside of “absolute” terms.

  8. jones said,

  9. larry said,

    All I’m saying is communism, like, totally sucks.

  10. corthar said,

    jones-Can’t view your first link. I get this message:Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. End tag ‘td’ does not match the start tag ‘img’. Error processing resource ‘‘. Line 83, Position 138“ width=”261″ height=”90″>–^

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