Free money (well, not exactly)

April 11, 2005 at 9:34 pm (Environment, Republican incompetence)

Want a quick grand? Contact your local EPA field office (expendable infant required.)

WASHINGTON, April 6 – Stephen L. Johnson, President Bush’s
nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency, encountered
unexpected turbulence at his Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday
as Senator Barbara Boxer of California threatened to hold up his
nomination over a small but controversial pesticide program in Florida.

Boxer’s objections were based on a little-known research program near
Jacksonville, Fla., sponsored by the agency and the American Chemistry
Council, that offered money to low-income families willing to allow the
agency to measure the effects of pesticides on their children under one
year of age. The project, called Children’s Environmental Exposure
Research Study, or Cheers, was suspended last year after
negative public reaction that prompted the agency to call in outside
experts to assess its feasibility.

The program was limited to families in Duval County that routinely used
pesticides inside their homes. It offered parents $970 over two years
if they made sure their young children went about their usual
activities as the use of pesticides continued. Researchers would then
visit the home every three to six months to collect data.

“Until it’s canceled, I will do anything I can to stop this
nomination,” (Boxer) said. “This program is the worst kind of thing; it’s
environmental injustice where children are the victims.”

Culture of life, eh? I see that movement as ANYTHING to get unwanted babies born, NOTHING to
protect them once they’re here. At least not if any taxes are required. Unbelievable. Oh, and let me
just add that there are likely medical doctors involved in this study,
who should have their licenses revoked. “First do no harm” adds the
caveat “unless you are funded by the Society of Petrochemical Industry

Turns out Mr. Johnson really does want to be EPA Administrator, so the study has been cancelled.


  1. corthar said,

    that is so freaking disturbing. what is equally disturbing is that we live in a country second to none in terms of journalistic freedom, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. And instead of our media being grateful and utilizing that right, they choose to ignore most injustices and focus on things like Bennifer. Bennifer’s demise made headlines on every news network, yet things like this are easily overlooked. We actively create a culture of idiots.

  2. JB said,

    Oh my god, something happened to Bennifer?

  3. larry said,

    My belief in love was destroyed when Angelina and Billy Bob broke up. The tragedy was so immense that I have no heart left to mourn the loss of Bennifer.

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