Today’s vent

April 4, 2005 at 12:48 am (Rant, Sports)

Man, I fucking miss hockey. Right about now is when it starts to get
really good, remember? I just watched the news, about the Portland Winterhawks WHL playoff run,
and it was both heartening and disgusting. What a bunch of greedy
assholes. These multi-millionaire players would rather see their season
cancelled and the future of the teams they play on jeopardized than
accept reasonable restrictions on the ridiculously inflated salaries
they receive. This ain’t football, there aren’t
billion dollar TV contracts being fought over. It reminds me of the way
airline employees would rather see the company go bankrupt than accept
a pay cut or a reduction in benefits. That’s what happened to Bethlehem
Steel–unyielding union bosses forced the company out of business,
precipitating the collapse of cities like Pittsburgh, which will never
really recover. Unions once served a purpose, and I’m sure they
still do, somewhere, but unfortunately all the press they get is a)
defending the use of illegal and dangerous drugs, b) demanding money
that management does not have, c) voter intimidation (Philly only). My
hope is that 8 or so NHL teams will fold, concentrating the talent pool
and teaching people in general about the realities of living in a
market-based economy; my fear is that those 8 teams will be in small
market, traditional hockey towns like Vancouver, Calgary, and Phoenix,
which would teach me a thing or 2 about the realities of living in a
market-based economy, I suppose.



  1. larry said,

    I also miss hockey. You’re the only person I know besides my Dad who gives a crap. That’s something the players should keep in mind too. The NHL could drop off the face of the earth and most people wouldn’t care.

  2. JB said,

    Jones cares. Where you at J dogg? I’m still waiting for you to defend SEPTA.

  3. jones said,

    yeah, hockey rules. especially the playoffs. septa sucks, but unions still serve a purpose. note that they’re mainly still involved int the old-school industries – cars, transportation, cops, supermarkets, hockey etc. these industries need new worker relation systems, which will probably only happen after they destroy themselves (a la the nhl). new industries don’t have union problems – workers in new industries are generally treated well. the current outsourcing trend is probably partly due to unions driving up worker costs – at least in the manufacturing sector.

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