March 22, 2005 at 2:57 am (Drugs, Movies, Personal)

I'm on vacation, in case anyone wondered. Want to gain a new perspective on life, the human race? Watch the big lebowski on mushrooms.



  1. Underused said,

    Where are you?

  2. JB said,

    San Diego

  3. Underused said,

    which, of course, is German for “a whale’s vagina.”

  4. JB said,

    Don’t talk about larry’s mom that way.

  5. corthar said,

    who are you visiting in san diego?

  6. jones said,

    i assume grundle? tell him and his girl i just got a job at their company. but in philly, of course.

  7. larry said,

    You leave my mother and her salty vag out of this!Hey Uused, Jbad says we should visit on Labor Day instead of Memorial Day.

  8. Underused said,

    Well, I have to use my ticket by aug. 3, so there’s that… You guys should visit me on memorial day, bitches. Or the 4th of July. I hear this year there’s only a 30% chance that terrorists will attack DC on the 4th. I might even leave my gas mask at home!!

  9. larry said,

    I’m going to be in Canadia for the 4th. I’m game to go to DC, but I’d rather be in a nice place like Portland.Of course you guys are always welcome to come to Chi-town anytime you want.

  10. excalibur said,

    makes you think doesn’t it

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